site design

Website Price

5 page website including contact page

Domain, 1 yr hosting & 10 domain emails setup.

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page design

Webpage Price

1 page website including email link

Domain, 1 yrs hosting & 1 domain email setup.

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Domain Email

Domain Email Price

Domain name Email

Domain name and domain email for 1 year.

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What you need to get started

Design Ideas

We have a range of templates that you can use or if you have your own design ideas we can build these into the website. If you require something special we have a graphic designer who can assist at extra cost.


Think about how many pages you want your website to have, what order they will be in and what each page is for. Typical web pages are Home (Introduction), About, Products / Services, Customers, Contact, but this is completely flexible.

Text content

You need to think about what you want each page of your website to say. At an additional cost we can help you develop your ideas into finished text.

Visual content

Examples of Buzzjaw photography

Pictures and videos need to be supplied. If it's only a handful of pictures we can convert these so that they are suitable for webpages. Where large quantities are required we reserve the right to quote for this work. We recommend pictures sized at approximately 72 pixels / inch to give the best on screen appearance for the smallest file size, but we can optimise pictures of any size. Although not professional photographers we have access to some pretty up to date kit and can arrange for photographs to be taken for you.


Although we can provide technically complex websites including Flash this is not our speciality. Because of the growing use of mobile devices that don't yet support all complex technologies such as Flash (iPhones, HTC, Blackberry's, etc) we avoid the use of these technologies unless vital.

Anything else we haven't covered

Don't hesitate to call or contact us if you require anything we haven't covered here.