site design

Website Price

5 page website including contact page

Domain, 1 yr hDomain, 1 yr hosting & 10 domain emails setup.


page design

Webpage Price

1 page website including email link

Domain, 1 yrs hosting & 1 domain email setup.


Domain Email

Domain Email Price

Domain name Email

Domain name and domain email for 1 year.




5 Page Site


1 Web Page domain included    
1 years hosting included    
Number of Web Pages   Up to 5*   1*
Web Space    1 Gb*   200 MB*
Data Transfer   10 Gb*   5 Gb*
Email Accounts available   Unlimited   Unlimited
Email Accounts setup   10*   1*
Webmail Access    
Email Forwards unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
Email Forwards setup   10*   1*
Web Site Stats    
FTP File Access    
PHP, MySQL, Perl included    
Hosted in Australia    
Hidden Fees   No   No

Price (inc GST)






* additional available at extra cost

Web Pages

Any number of pages can be created. The deals above show typical site sizes that customers regularly request.

Web Space

Unless you are planning to put hundreds of pictures on your website or include videos you are unlikely to use even a small portion of the available space.

Email Accounts

The number of email accounts we will set up within the package price. Once setup we send you details on how to add the accounts to your email application. 

Webmail Access

All email accounts we set up can be accessed via any computer connected to the internet providing you have your secure username and password.

Email Forwards

If you want to advertise your domain name email address but keep your existing email address we can arrange it so that incoming emails are forwarded. Or you may want incoming emails to for instance, sent to several people.

Website Stats

If you are interested in how many people are visiting your website you can view several detailed reports in your control panel.

FTP file access

This feature allows you or the person you nominate to take full control of the website's content.

Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees. For most websites the costs you see are all you have to pay for the first year. For websites and webpages subsequent years are significantly cheaper as you only pay for the hosting and domain registration costs (typically under $100 for these websites). You will have to pay for any amendments or design changes requested after your website is launched, but these are charged on a time basis, in $25 / 15 minutes blocks, with a minimum invoice cost of $30. Major changes will only be implemented upon receipt of a written authorisation.

Anything we have forgotten

Don't hesitate to call or contact us should you require further information.